RGA Transforms an Industrial Warehouse Into a Contemporary Showroom

Rabih Geha Architects

The Ets. Abdulrahim Diab showroom perfectly reflects the designers’ ongoing mission to create spaces that communicate history yet welcome the present.

The history of the establishment became the foundation, yet a more contemporary approach was undertaken to convert the industrial space into one where one could feel comfortable enough to move, discover, and explore. 

A road less traveled was taken when it came to readapting the space from a warehouse into a showroom

The space is an unexpected range of materials and hues that fall together flawlessly to build a lively, yet serious space made both for wonderment and work. 

From the onset, the exterior combines green exposed steel, white concrete facades and large panels of glass to create a fascinating industrial monument that dominates its industrial surroundings. 

The inside follows suit, spilling itself onto the interior floor, as if imploring for the outside world to be brought in. 

A grid of massive white columns leads the eye upwards, turning black upon meeting the exposed composite ceiling. 

Concrete, steel and glass in their primitive and raw states are the backdrop for the primary red and green, the stark white and black, contrasting the overall rigidity of the space with their playful existence. 

Large panels of glass invite the light in; warmth dances with the coolness of steel, rays of sun are absorbed into concrete. 

The dynamic interior is built to shift walls, redirect light, and create a space where people can mold their surroundings to better suit their day. 

Project Info:

Project: Ets Abdulrahim Diab
Client: Abdulrahim Diab, Sayf Diab
Architect: Rabih Geha Architects
Contractor: Beirut Urban Development
Type: Retail Showroom & Office HQ
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Area: 1650 sqm
Year: 2020
Photo credit: Tony Elieh

About the Designer: Rabih Geha Architects

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