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House for Architectural Heritage

Muharraq, Bahrain

Leopold Banchini Architects and  Noura Al Sayeh2017 The house for Architectural Heritage houses the archival collection of sketches and drawings by the architect John Yarwood, as well as serving as an exhibition space for architecture exhibition. The project is conceived as a beam structure that frames the existing adjacent walls of the two neighboring buildings, serving Read More

Soriano House by Beyt Architects

Valencia, Spain

2018 Beyt Architects in collaboration with Bac Estudio de Arquitectura Edited by : Dana Al Qottob    This residential project has two main design driving ideas: Firstly, a clean and efficient layout due to its long and narrow plot size; and secondly the use of patios and louvers to create an interplay of light and Read More

Construction development/ Ayla Golf Academy

Aqaba, Jordan

Oppenheim Architecture Photographer: Moh’d Musa Video: herskhazeen, Mohammad Aljabi Location: Ayla Oasis Development Company Exclusive photos of the Golf Academy and Comfort Station in Aqaba, Jordan The Golf Academy Herskhazeen has recently traveled to Aqaba to visit the new Golf Academy designed by Oppenheim to view the recent development in this boundary-pushing construction site. The Golf Read More

Exhibition ‘Urban Stories: Amman’

Amman, Jordan

Conceived and curated by: Rawan Kashkoush Works produced by: Adie Al Nobani, Mohammad Naji, Nada Amro, Munqeth Agha, Shireen Khamees, Hadeel Ayed Mohammad and Rand El Haj Hasan 17th-28th February 2015 | the Lab Conducted at the Lab in December, an investigative design workshop on ‘Amman’s Urban Furniture’ led by designer and ‘placemaker’ Rawan Kashkoush, Read More

[Winning Projects] The Omrania | CSBE Student Award 6th cycle

Amman, Jordan

[Winning Projects] The Omrania | CSBE Student Award for Excellence in Architectural Design sixth cycle In collaboration with the German Jordanian University, a ceremony honoring the five winning projects of the Omrania | CSBE Student Award for Excellence in Architectural Design took place at the German Jordanian University’s Othman Bdeir in Amman, Jordan on January Read More