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Construction development/ Ayla Golf Academy

Aqaba, Jordan

Oppenheim Architecture Photographer: Moh’d Musa Video: herskhazeen, Mohammad Aljabi Location: Ayla Oasis Development Company Exclusive photos of the Golf Academy and Comfort Station in Aqaba, Jordan The Golf Academy Herskhazeen has recently traveled to Aqaba to visit the new Golf Academy designed by Oppenheim to view the recent development in this boundary-pushing construction site. The Golf Read More

N.B.K. Residence (2)

Beirut, Lebanon

Bernard Khoury Built 2013 Located at the ninth and last level of the Plot # 2251 project which we conceived in 2008  and for which construction ended in 2013, this three-storey apartment is articulated through an independent structure capping the building. Structurally, the apartment only shares the building’s vertical circulation core, as well as the Read More

Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery

Khartoum, Sudan

Studio Tamassociati Soba, Khartoum, Sudan 2008-2009 1,668 sqm The Salam Centre in Soba, Khartoum houses what could be used as a template for modern African development in its constructed Medical Housing Compound. Constructed using some 20ft-containers for housing and 40ft-containers for a cafeteria, the integration of local materials and high design level of retrofitting expresses Read More