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Interview with Christopher Lee on The Jameel Arts Centre by Serie-Architects

Dubai, UAE

The Jameel Arts Centre by Serie-Architects is set to open in next month in Dubai, UAE. The 10,000 square meter complex is a multidisciplinary space dedicated to the display, promotion and creation of art from across the Middle East and beyond, featuring curated exhibitions that draw on the Jameel Art Collection, as well as regional and Read More

Outdoor Installations During Amman Design Week 2017

Amman, Jordan

Amman Design Week in its latest edition offered something for everyone. It successfully managed to attract a large variety of audience from all walks of life, with a concentrated effort on community outreach, women communities, crafts communities, and schools in governorates across the country, the designers tackled issues from limited resources to digital high-tech fabrication Read More

my light is your light…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A light-installation by alaa minawi Premiered November 29 at Amsterdam Light Festival 2014 When people are forced to leave their cities, they do not only leave their homes, belongings, schools, favorite toys and friends and neighbors behind… They actually leave their skin and organs and memories. They transform into outlines of a radiating light. They Read More

Education in the city

Doha, Qatar

Learning from Old Doha: Education in the city UK Design Team: Alicja Borkowska & Iris Papadatou from you&me architecture Qatar Design Team: Fatima Fawzzy (AEC Consultancy Office), Alaa Larri Masterplan competition 2013 Alicja Borkowska and Iris Papadatou from you&me architects along with Fatima Fawzzy (AEC Consultancy Office), Alaa Larri from Qatar are the winners of the  Read More

Top 10 most visited articles on HKZ!

Various, Various

From inspiring projects to influential features, this top 10 list illustrates the most visited articles so far on HKZ. #1 Eco-Tourism And Rangers Academy by Ammar Khammash The project, which will be the first of its kind in the region, is an international-standard academy for eco-tourism and environmental ranger services in Ajloun. It aims, on Read More