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New Curved Sanitary Units in Petra Archaeological Park

Petra, Jordan

Bitar Consultants2020 Bitar Consultants unveiled their new design for the Petra Archaeological Park’s Sanitary Units.  the studio was commissioned to design toilet units in four locations inside the World Heritage Site of Petra; with a total built up area of 50 m2 each.  Each unit includes WC units for men, women, and one for people Read More

Open Courtyards in The House in Mishref

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Studio Toggle2019 Essentially an introverted composition of two separate living units grouped around an internal courtyard, the house is an interpretation of the traditional courtyard house.  Presenting a clean and serene façade to the street, the resulting massing can be best described as a white monolithic volume poised elegantly on top of a stone cladded Read More

“Qamt” by AAU Anastas

London, UK

2019AAU AnastasEdited by: Sulaf Al Halaseh “Analogy” collection  ‘Qamt’ investigates the local and global exchange of techniques while tracing unseen analogies between architectural forms across borders. ” It is a circular bench” Qamt is part of AAU Anastas’ ongoing research on the use of stone in architecture, Stone Matters project. And it is the second Read More

Elias & Yousef Anasatas debates forms and spatial configurations in Jerusalem through “Analogy”

Jerusalem, Palestine

In an effort to discuss the fundamental elements of the architecture of Jerusalem, Elias and Yousef Anastas presented Analogy: a project about the reoccurrence of forms and spatial configurations in Jerusalem through time. The installation debut during The Jerusalem Show IX in 2018 , which was curated by Jack Persekian & Kirsten Scheid. In their latest installment for “Stone Read More

Maroun Lahoud designs a minimal Maronite church in Lebanon

Brih, Lebanon

With white stone cladding and a striking contrast to the area’s abundant greenery., St. Elie’s provide a modern take on the traditional Maronite churches found throughout Lebanon.   Minimal cruciform windows carved directly into the church’s stone fills the spaces with natural light. The sun also filters in through the simplistic lined windows located above the Read More