After Pressure – The minimal to no environmental impact furniture by Ammar Kalo

Ammar Kalo

Bee’ah, the leading waste management company in the Middle East, has commissioned the UAE-based designer and architect Ammar Kalo to develop a unique communal table for Dubai Design Week 2018 as part of an ongoing effort to transform public perception regarding waste and its potential.

After Pressureis a project that up-cycled construction aluminum to create an outdoor table. Bales made from compressed Aluminum extruded profiles, which were originally headed to the furnace for melting, are shaped and sliced to form carefully composed ‘logs’. 

The logs support a cantilevered Glass-Reinforced concrete (GRC) tabletop as well as draped surfaces used for seating. A large slice at the end of each log reveals moments of organic beauty in the compressed bricks, juxtaposing the painted crumpled exterior against its intricate core. 

Bee’ah, the sustainability Partner of Dubai Design Week 2018, is working on a range of activities that have minimal or no environmental impact, the partnership builds on past work to demonstrate the power of design to re-think the use of materials, explore new approaches and develop more understanding about recycling, re-use and technology developed by UAE’s most pioneering companies.

Bee’ah, the Middle East’s fastest growing environmental management company, was founded in 2007, with the objective of creating a sustainable future, through creative and resourceful solutions.

About the Designer – Ammar Kalo:

Ammar Kalo is a designer, architect, and educator based in Sharjah, UAE. He’s also the Director of Labs at the College of Architecture Art and Design, American University of Sharjah. His practice, KALO, interrogates the relationship between digital technology and traditional craft. During the 2015 Milan Design Week, Kalo received a Silver A‘Design Award his chair design Stratum. Also, in October 2015, Harper’s Bazaar Interiors awarded him the Emerging Designer award during the inaugural Dubai Design Week. In 2016 the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York acquired two pieces, Stratum and N-bowl, for its permanent collection.

Project Information:

Commissioned by: Bee’ahfor Dubai Design Week 2018
Designer: Ammar Kalo |  KALO
Materials: Compressed Aluminum Extrusion Bales, Steel, Glass Reinforced Concrete, and Polyurethane Paint.
Dimensions: 250cm x 145cm x 80cm 
Year: 2018

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