Archetype, an Ethereal Installation for a Regal Event

Edoardo Tresoldi

Italian Artist Edoardo Tresoldi created a colossal ghostly monument for an event in Abu Dhabi, where he borrowed different elements from modernist architecture to create a surreal environment completed with suspended doves and cubes.

The installation is set to be dismantled after the event and distributed around different venues in the Emirates.

The event is in collaboration with UAE based studio Designlab Experience.

From the Artist

An absolute garden, synthesis of nature and architecture

Archetype is a garden where architecture and nature dance together in continuous connections and contrasts, whose peculiarities, in the Renaissance meaning, are filtered, absorbed and interpreted by the contemporary man.

The set-up is a symphonic space where classical archetypes interact with the signs of the modernist language. Through transparencies and their broken rhythms, elements of absolute geometry such as spheres, cubes, and planes cut and break up classical harmonies. The overall effect results in a continuous evolution of architectural abstractions and evanescent distortions.

An absolute landscape that develops itself through an inverse process: nature grows and evolves on the imaginary space, trying to give shape and matter to human visions.

The transparent architecture determines the interpretation of natural orders, with small visual poems in which these two worlds prove to be parallel and intersected at the same time.

Nature is a synthesis of landscape, man becomes landscape through architecture.

If, to quote Höl­der­lin, gardens are what allow us to “dwell poetically upon this earth”, Archetype is then a multi-tiered experience, a sacralized and identified human space.

The fusion of classical and modernist language generates a third one, marked by clear visual and volumetric decompositions, which find its time in the contemporaneity.


All images by architecture photographer Roberto Conte

About the artist

Edoardo Tresoldi plays with the transparency of mesh and with industrial materials to transcend the time-space dimension and narrate a dialogue between Art and World, a visual summary which reveals itself in the fade-out of physical limitations.

Mixing classical and modern language, he generates a third one, strongly contemporary.

Born in 1987, he grew up in Milan where, at the age of 9, experimented different languages and techniques under the guidance of painter Mario Straforini. In 2009 he moved to Rome and started to work in various creative areas. Cinema, music, scenography and sculpture gave him a heterogeneous vision of arts and became a platform for experimentation.

Since 2013, he performs public space interventions, focusing his research on genius loci and the study of landscape elements.

His works have been featured in public spaces, archaeological contexts, contemporary art festivals, music festivals and group shows.

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