ARD 277

Dina AlAhmad
1100 sqm



ARD 277 is a three story apartment building located in Badr; one of the areas that are witnessing the extended urban growth of the city Amman. It is celebrated for its hilly nature and vast landscapes covered by old oak trees and Spectacular Mountain views.

The prime intention of the project is to provide a roof garden as a main shared outdoor space for the three apartments; this is orientated towards the surroundings framing both sky and land. The building form manifests purity, a box undergoing a chamfered subtraction that reveals its most precious roofless garden. The addition of proportional freestanding wall accentuates the entrance and the box’s facades trace the horizons by offering horizontal openings.


The interior of the apartments retain the pure nature of the project through color articulation, spaces and flows are defined by vertical planes and seamless penetrations.

The project sits on a 20x25m land plot, the slopping nature of the land has been put in use for lighting, ventilation and extra built area.

04Site plan and Section


05Ground floor plan and Roof plan


Project data:
Location: Badr, West Amman, Jordan
Client: A. Hindi
Year: 2012
Status: Concept
Architect: Dina AlAhmad
Structural consultant: Mahmoud Zarf
Rendering: Jeries AlAli

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