MEAN* designed a curved structure sweeping in space for Audi Innovation Hub

© Dennis Wierenga 2018

Audi commissioned MEAN*, Middle East Architecture Network – an innovative Dubai-based architecture practice, to design and build the Audi Innovation Hub in Dubai Design District for Dubai Design Week 2018. The Audi Innovation hub was designed to channel the Audi’s brand ethos of “Vorsprung durch Technik” or Advancement through Technology, and also, to reflect the theme of this year’s Audi Design Award; ‘Connections‘.


  • Exterior Shot - East Elevation - © Dennis Wierenga 2018

Starting with a line – the simplest geometry used to connect two bodies – MEAN* envisaged a curved structure sweeping in space, bridging exterior and interior spaces, woven with connecting lines.

MEAN* worked with generative design tools and digital manufacturing as well as aluminum, galvanized steel, tensile cables and recycled rubber from car tires to build the structure as a spatial innovation apparatus that pushes the boundaries of structural and architectural design.

© Dennis Wierenga 2018

The CNC-bent steel pipe structural elements provide a guided path for tensile cables to connect through, generating a volumetric space as well as adding to the synergetic structural hybrid. These straight lines rotate through weaving, overlapping and connecting to generate an animated effect of streamlined dynamism, expressed through the overlapping of the lines, commonly known as the ‘Moire’ Effect’. The intention is to provoke the animated experience of a road trip, as the visitor walks around the pavilion.

© Dennis Wierenga 2018

The design features a symmetrical architectural and structural layout that recalls the balanced nature of the contemporary automobile. The mechanically fixed structure is identical on both halves of the central symmetry line, for ease of fabrication, assembly and reassembly. The central spine of the space features an arched covering, fitted with generative lighting patterns that resemble symmetrical constellations.

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© Jalal Abuthina 2018

The brightly lit, digitally manufactured structure, is a white contrast to the black matte rubber surface manufactured and supplied by Beeíah, which covers the facade of the structure. The material, made from reconstituted vehicle tires, has been recycled into an environmentally conscious and efficient building material.

© Jalal Abuthina 2018

Fitted with a space for the latest Audi A7 to be showcased, an area for talks as well as a space for refreshment and gathering. The space provided the venue for the week-long program of Audi Innovation Talks, showcase space for two of the latest Audi models and the winner of the annual Audi Innovation Award.

Riyad Jouka – Lead Architect at MEAN*

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Project Information:

Project Name: Audi Innovation Hub / Dubai Design Week 2018
Architecture Firm: MEAN* Middle East Architecture Network
Completion Year: 2018
Built Area (m2 or sqft): 165 sqm
Project Location: Between buildings 9 & 10 at Dubai Design District, Dubai, UAE
Photographer: © Dennis Wierenga, © Jalal Abuthina
Lead Architect: Riyad Joucka
Team: Yara Manla, Rasha Saffarini, Kavya Chandrasekar, Stephie Moukarzel, Wael Nasrallah
Lighting Designer: Poorvi Kamath

Project Manufactures/Products

Client: Audi Middle East
Contractor: Metal Fabrik
Lighting: debbas Group
Lighting Product: Vexica
Robotically 3D Printed Furniture: Nagami
Exterior Cladding: Beeíah
Organizer: Dubai Design Week
Event Management: Avantgarde


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