Bahaauddin Hotel, a Tribute Installation for Jeddah’s Glory in the 70s


The Loft ME collaborated with Once Upon a Chair, a vintage furniture store, for an art exhibit at Athr Gallery. This exhibit is a dedication to Jeddah’s glory in the early 1970s, and a warmly personal ode to Nouf & Nada Hakeem’s grandfather, Bahaauddin Khashogji; the founder of Medina’s Bahaauddin Hotels.

“From Art Direction, to prop allocation, to every little minute set-up detail, we recreated this hotel as our own version of a present day time-capsule.” THE LOFT ME X OUAC

A recreation of the hotel began with the simple idea of wanting to revive Jeddah in its glorious late 60s, early 70s era, and the idea manifested into the re-actualization of Medina’s one and only Bahaauddin Hotel.

The exhibit is still ongoing at ATHR Gallery and is part of ATHR fifth edition of Young Saudi Artist, PULSE.

All photos are courtesy of THE LOFT ME


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