BAU: A Rooftop Lounge Inspired by Asian Temples

Rabih Geha Architects

Inspired by the Mesopotamian goddess of healing Bau, RGA has created a rooftop in waterfront Beirut.

Rabih Geha Architects have used many different textures, vivacious colors and a continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces typical to their innovative design process.

Drawing from a color palette of natural greens and strong vermillion reds, these colors are aligned with harmony that is then juxtaposed against monochromatic flooring. 

Throughout the space are a smooth finish concrete grey flooring and walls consisting of three dark red steel panels; each made of a complex structure composed of sandwich panels with a double layer of plywood and a double layer of high-density Rockwool. 

RGA took a characteristically innovative approach to lighting the space. the walls were created with custom painted steel tubes, designed to incorporate all of the lightings. 

The back area is clad with a custom wall of 8mm grating laser-cut panels with hollow tubes forming the lintel, skirting and separation.

At the bar, guests encounter green metal tubes resembling the bamboo columns found in Asian temples, with brushed brass skirting and the marble bar surface. 

An arch at the back of the bar is adorned with a sculpture of BAU herself, covered with plants forming a jungle and closed with translucent black glass.

The washrooms feature red corrugated-steel sheets in the women’s and green sheets in the men’s. The sinks are embedded in custom steel arches while mirrors and lighting are designed specifically to complement the design.

Project Info:

Client: Drinks on The Roof
Architect: Rabih Geha Architects 
Contractor: Beirut Urban Development
Type: Rooftop Lounge 
Location: Bloc Market, Beirut, Lebanon
Area: 313 sqm
Year: June 2019
Photo credit: Tony Elieh, BAU

About the Designer: Rabih Geha Architects

A team of architects and designers working together to create spaces that inspire. Led by Rabih Geha, the practice works on a portfolio of projects that include architecture, interiors, product design, and experimental installations

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