Call for designers and artists by The Palestinian Museum


Ramallah, Palestine


The Palestinian Museum invites artists to design innovative new products inspired by Palestine

The Palestinian Museum has put out an open call for artists and designers to submit designs for innovative and original new products inspired by or connected to Palestine. The call forms part of a wider project seeking to stimulate artists to take a contemporary approach to traditional products, handicrafts and the handicraft industry in Palestine, providing a more modern vision of Palestinian heritage that focuses on renewal and innovation.

The Museum, which opens in Birzeit in 2015, hopes through this initiative to encourage and embrace exciting new design and production ideas, and so to bring together a high-quality, exclusive collection that will serve to promote contemporary Palestinian culture on a local and international level.

Jack Persekian, the Museum’s Director and Head Curator, is very excited about the new project. ‘Given that Palestine is famous for its craft and handicraft industries, we are really seeking to reinvigorate and develop this type of production. The call invites people to use their materials, traditional or otherwise, in different ways, and to employ their tools innovatively and inventively – with the understanding that this all fits in with the main aim of the project, which is to produce items of artistic value inspired by or connected to Palestine that reflect contemporary Palestinian culture.’

‘At the moment, we’re really lacking in creation and innovation in Palestinian design; our craft industry has not yet developed in such a way that it provides for or reflects contemporary Palestinian lifestyles. But the industry has true potential for development, and we hope that this project will contribute at least partially to the preservation of traditional crafts, and to future creative innovation in Palestine in general. We particularly seek to encourage young designers and creators by welcoming their creative projects and ideas.’

Persekian added that though the project is a huge challenge, ‘We hope it will represent a leap forward in terms of the quality of craft products in Palestine.’
Promotion of the project’s products will be handled by the Museum. They will be available for Museum visitors and tourists in the form of gifts and souvenirs sold at the Museum shop in the building, but can also be bought online.

The Palestinian Museum is a flagship project of the Welfare Association, and aims to provide a physical and virtual space for the free exploration, discussion and celebration of Palestinian history, society and culture. The Museum building is currently under construction in Birzeit, and the Museum will open its doors for the first time in 2015.

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