Camouflage House – Wooden single-family house

AGi architects
153.38 sqm
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Wooden House AGi architects_Front ViewProject render

Camouflage House

Today more than ever, with the strict planning regulations and the economic crisis, it is essential to think about the effectiveness of the design, new means of production, standardization of architectural elements and their implications for society.

AGi architects have designed a prototype specifically designed to be placed in natural environments, being integrated into the landscape and requiring minimal building actions. This object, nestled into the landscape will be covered by vegetation that will climb over its walls and roofs, allowing the architecture to fade into the natural environment.

The house makes reference to others such as The Ghost House by Philip Johnson, and Heidegger existentialist house, described in the Good Life film. It is also similar, from a conceptual perspective, to most pervasive ideas in the collective imagination as tree houses.

The project is organized through the juxtaposition of three program spaces. On one hand a central core in which wet-areas are located. On the other hand other two areas are set parallel at both sides of the central volume, including the rest of the living spaces. The central part works as a compact, effective and adaptable block.

Wooden House AGi architects_Rear ViewProject render

The roof stands out as a significant element, referring to the country house, the cottage, the dream house. It brings together the three volumes and provides the project with a recognizable unitary image. The off-centered organization plan of the volumes generates two exterior covered areas (front and rear sided) that will act as entrance and living spaces.

Wood is as viable alternative or more than concrete and steel materials due to it is easily recyclable and a renewable raw material.

The energy required to produce a cubic meter of structural wood is 50 times less than that required by the steel and a quarter of the concrete. So it is now more important than ever to make the best use of it and minimize the ecological footprint of any building.

In addition, since it is modular project from a carefully designed factory system, the optimization method and quality control of the manufacturing process produces minimal waste. The construction system used in the assembly of modules is much faster than any other, and allows reducing the amount of workers and materials at the working site.

Using this modular system, AGi architects have designed a family home in which it is possible to find thousand possibilities of interaction. The technification of modular wood panels is not a limitation, does not impose the way of life but it facilitates its inhabitants achieving their goals and dreams; colonizing without interfering with the natural landscape; living in a remote and idyllic place to enjoy nature.










Design Team
Joaquin Perez-Goicoechea
Nasser B. Abulhasan
Daniel Muñoz
Carmen Sagredo

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