Carabus, Traditional craft with processes of advanced robotic fabrication

The Carabus Collection from Ammar Kalo on Vimeo.

Sharjah based designer and architect Ammar Kalo debuted his latest collection during Dubai Design Week 2019. Titled Carabus, the set is made of robotically formed copper, camel leather and wood.

Carabus Coffee Table

Formed by Robots, crafted by People

The CarabusCollectionisthe result of conflating concepts of traditional craft with processes of advanced robotic fabrication. The aim was to address issues like tacit material knowledge, craftsmanship, and through a contemporary lens.

  • Carabus Stool

Carabus embraces the imperfections of the process and high lights both machine and handcraft using robotically formed copper as well as camel leather and walnut wood.

Forming tool marks recall the qualities of handcrafted objects and are celebrated throughout the object. The surface dimples not only reflect the traditional craft of hand forming metals but also adds strength to the pieces by locally stiffening the metal near the edges.

Project info

Designer: Ammar Kalo

Project Assistants: Indrajith Gamage, Bishoy Girigis.

Materials: Copper Sheets, Camel Leather, Walnut hardwood, Tinted Mirrors.

Dimensions: Coffee Table (110cm x 80cm x 35cm), Stool (55cm x 50cm x 45cm ), Cabinet (60cm x 55cm x120cm), Mirrors (60cm x 108cm x 6cm) and (42cm x 64cm x 6cm).

Video Shot and Edited by Shafy Nizamdeen.

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