Cirrus Villas

Bashar AlSalem
750 sqm


Located in Mishref, Kuwait a land of 750 sqm was designed for two villas. The plot is located with front and back axes, the plot has 20m for elevation and a total depth of 37m. Therefore the architect, Bashar AlSalem, thought of utilizing this land by having two villas instead of one. On the front side there is a setback with an existing garden which reduced the need of an inner garden. The land was divided into 420 sqm and 330 sqm plots. Both houses are minimalistic in the sense of design, materials, and lighting.


In this project, local companies were preferred over foreign companies to minimize cost. Wood work was eliminated except for doors. Marble was not used at all and stone use was minimized for outdoor flooring to be durable. All of the used materials are available in the market” Bashar AlSalem The house provides private spaces, yet the design still incorporates facades with large fenestration’s to allow for daylight, and a view to the garden from the living area. This provides the occupants with a nice indoor to outdoor experience.

The site has five trees ranging in age between 20-25 years, it was important to keep these trees and design around them. This allows for a more environmental friendly approach to design. Looking out of the main living room, the interior frames the outdoor garden as a painting.



Bashar AlSalem is the owner and designer of the two villas. We were curious to see if he had any issues in the design process, he replied about decision making with the family: “In the early stages of design we did not think of having a basement. After discussions with the family we thought of a place for kids and gathering area with an external access (diwaniyah) as a half basement. Later on we decided to build a full size basement which added almost the price of a new house unit!”



About Kayan: Kayan is a growing architectural firm led by Architect Bashar Al-Salem. Established in 2006, Kayan offers a wide range of professional services including Architectural Design, Interior Design and Design Build Services.
Our design approach maintains the architectural identity of the region while adding a contemporary, modern and practical spirit. Starting from conceptual sketches to a developed design; Kayan’s design team corresponds and works collaboratively with the clients to ensure manifesting their ideas into a design solution.

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Project data:
Location: Mishref, Kuwait
Year: 2011
Status: Built
Design Team: Kayan

Source: archofkuwait

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