Cobogo House by Babnimnim Design Studio

Babnimnim Design Studio

The exterior facade intent of this sandwiched residential unit is to convey a multi-layered skin effect that meets in certain instances and overlays on each other to shield the interior of the space. 

A large window overlooks the main street on the outside; treated with a cobogo-like screen, and a Tetris skin intertwined to cover up certain spots, providing privacy. This is due to the matter that the facade acts as a proxy fence for the house. 

The multi-layering of the negative and positive in turn creates interesting moments of a light and shadow interplay within the interior space. 

The geometry and materiality of the exterior walls is treated with large shallow angles to create some depth with shadows to show volumetric distinction by the application of a concrete to earthy-clay color scheme.

Transitioning from the outside to inside continues with a duo-finish concrete base wrapping through the front door and a central courtyard. 

The main light source for the interior space comes from a larger surface area of windows that overlook the central courtyard which houses a small lap pool and landscaping.

The interior consists of interlocking spaces that creates a continuity of movement through the various areas of the residence. 

The interior balconies add another layer of complexity by connecting different spaces and allowing for visual transparency between the interior spaces and the courtyard.

Project Info:

Building Type: Residential
Area: 400 sqm
Location: Funaitees, Kuwait
Status: Completed
Year: 2020

About the Designer:

Babnimnim Design Studio (BNN) was established in 2010 by Architect Jassim Alsaddah in Kuwait, The studio’s aim is to create designs of international standard, emphasizing a focus on design details and branding simultaneously, from conception to implementation.

Since its inception, BNN has established a presence in the region, as a detail-oriented design firm especially after finalizing a number of projects ranging from the commercial, residential, public sector, and hospitality with a focus on interior architecture and interior design.

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