Design Updates on the Doha Metro Network

UNStudio in collaboration with the Qatar Railways Architecture Department
 © Hufton+Crow

UNStudio’s concept design for the Doha Metro stations forms a bridge between the past and the future of Qatar.

 © Hufton+Crow

Referencing the notion of Caravanserais and following in the lineage of historic train palaces, the design generates social interaction and propagates place creation over space creation.

One of the key goals of the metro network is to create an efficient and reliable service that encourages the use of public transport as a valid alternative to private transportation. 

 © Hufton+Crow

Building upon existing elements found in the architecture of the region, in the architectural branding vision, the ‘Vault’ represents a new referential bridge between the region’s historic architecture and culture and its future as a beacon of innovation and prosperity.

 © Hufton+Crow

The materialisation principles are experienced through a duality of a pure, modest exterior versus a rich, illuminated mother of pearl effect interior. 

The exteriors reference the monolithic strength of old Qatari architecture, while the interior spaces create a radiant effect of movement and fluidity.

 © Hufton+Crow

The use of this uniquely Qatari ornamentation and material palette assists in dividing the large interior spaces and guiding pedestrians towards the transient spaces. 

 © Hufton+Crow

A key concept within the design is one of creating varying scales of identity for the user: network identity, line identity, and station identity.

The design further incorporates and integrates all functional and technical aspects of the stations and network into a coherent architectural expression with a view to making the Qatar Rail Metro Network a world reference in the service provided by public transportation to the users and to the environment.

About the Designer: UNStudio

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