Design Weeks across the Arab Region.

The Middle East is experiencing an interesting move towards design and architecture that is being boosted by these design weeks. We are listing below a few of our favorite and promising design weeks in the region.

Amman Design Week

Amman Design Week in its second edition is offering a platform for designers and practices to redefine materiality, craftsmanship and challenge the region’s harsh conditions. This genuine deign week curated an event that is relevant to high-end designers as well as the local community. The vast program focuses on narrowing the gap between design and the region’s social and economic needs.

Overview of the hanger exhibition

This year, ADW program celebrates movement in design under the theme of “ Design Moves Life Moves Design”. The nine-day event features a series of exhibitions in Ras Al Ain -(The Hangar Exhibition, The Crafts District, Students Exhibitions and Mentorship Programs in addition to The mobile Maker Space)

Dubai Design Week

Dubai Design Week returns for its third edition from 13-18 November in a diverse 6-day program of keynote speeches, panel discussions, public performances and educational workshops to allow visitors the opportunity to discover and engage with design. This year’s program introduces the design scene in the UAE, and build on the many events and exhibitions happening throughout the week and beyond.

Dubai’s design community showcases the best of the city’s creativity through an extensive programme of design-dedicated events. Various activities throughout the week hosted by local retailers, design brands, restaurants, universities and institutions, creative studios and galleries, will offer visitors the chance to attend workshops, launches and exhibitions, film screenings and more.

Beirut Design Week

MENA Design and Research Center organized the very first design fair in the region six years ago. For 2017, Beirut launched the most anticipated design fair in the region last May to showcase the best of Lebanese and international design to encourage intercultural exchange, design education, social impact, and design entrepreneurship. This years’ fair theme focused on critical design, prompting the question ‘Is design a need?’

“We’d like to show the world that Beirut is not just about political instability, especially during such critical times, but that we are a city and people that have overcome many challenges and have used them to fuel our creativity,” said Doreen Toutikian, the co-founder and director of BDW and the MENA Design Research Center.

Casablanca Design Week

Houna will launch Casablanca Design Week in October 2017 under the theme of “what do you design?”. This first edition will highlight an ecosystem in which the creative community evolves with its past, its workings and limitations while creating spaces for interaction and action.

CDA approach to design is pragmatic and built around practice as a vector of learning and generator of creation. Through CDA, Houna aims to contribute to the emergence of a Morocco where free access to culture allows everyone to be an actor of human, economic and social development.

The program will tackle interesting topics such as: What has been created? Why did we create it? Who designed it? And of course to the future: What do we want to transform? And how does design allow us to imagine the future?

CDA will activate the city through Exhibitions. Conferences, design storytelling “I-Story” and design city walks.


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