Edoardo Tresoldi’s New Wire Mesh Fortress in Riyadh

Studio Studio Studio

© Roberto Conte

Gharfa stages the intimate relationship between man, landscape and architecture through the reinterpretation of the human relationship with cultural archetypes.

© Roberto Conte

An experiential pavilion installation within the temporary creative project “Diriyah Oasis”, designed and curated by Dubai-based studio Designlab Experience, and located in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh.

© Roberto Conte

Situated in close proximity to the At-Turaif District; a UNESCO World Heritage Site about to undergo a major developmental upgrade that includes the opening of a plethora of museums and cultural institutions.

© Roberto Conte

Tresoldi worked on Gharfa in collaboration with various designers. Their site-specific installations use different mediums to create distinctive spaces in which visitors can meet, rest, and meditate.

Visitors experience a theatrical world where technique, reality, and illusion are all intertwined. Inspired by the local ruins, the installation presents itself as a large, complex sculpture peaking at 26 meters at its highest point.

Tresoldi’s Absent Matter makes use of his signature wire mesh, though this time combined with cork to outline and carve out intimate spaces and narrow paths, inviting the visitor to come in and discover it all.

For the first time in his career, Tresoldi creates a work of ephemeral architecture that is not reliant on melding visually with its surroundings. Rather, he creates a structure that is an architectural fortress, offering mere glimpses of what is happening within it.

© Roberto Conte

Gharfa is a collaboration with designer Alberonero, musician Max Magaldi, and garden designer Matteo Foschi. Their site-specific installations use different mediums to create distinctive spaces in which visitors can meet, rest, and meditate.

The result is a narrative of different surfaces, which in turn becomes a stage for personal perceptions while highlighting the structure’s backstage anatomy.

Each element of Gharfa has a life of its own but was thought and conceived as part of an orchestral composition that interprets cultural contaminations as a reference point for future artistic languages.

About the designer: Studio Studio Studio

The new interdisciplinary collaboration project founded by Edoardo Tresoldi. It involves constantly rotating musicians, artists, designers, architects, and filmmakers to conceive hybrid cultural projects imagined for unconventional environments. Studio Studio Studio is on a mission to explore the blending between social, cultural, and aesthetic suggestions as a starting point to define an ultracontemporary dimension.

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