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Since its foundation in 1982, yaghmour architects created a body of work that ranges from comprehensive planning to complete designs. In parallel with yaghmour architects local growth in Jordan,  new office have been established in Sharjah, UAE and another one in Bethlehem. Yaghmour architects not only combine cultural conscious design with architectural craftsmanship but believes in design as a positive effect on the daily life of citizens

HKZ had the opportunity to discuss with Yaghmour Architects, their newly established gallery in Weibdeh, Amman which features their projects, sketches and models including curated displays.


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The introduction room takes us through a strip of images in a journey throughout the architect’s life, experiences and influences. It introduces the concept of the gallery by means of text, images and a digital media projection of changing shadows to lead us to the main hallway of the gallery.

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In the Main hallway 10 stone pillars celebrate and signify 10 projects that hold within many meanings and lessons in the journey of the architect. Those 10 projects float on base of their shadows combined to spread out 27 years of experience.


The Start

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This project  resembles a fusion of connections between our context and contemporary influences. A simple mass embraces an inner court. Color wraps the building and a bridge connects it with its urban surroundings. This bold start experiments stone masses, the joy of color and the marriage of idea.

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new 1

A residential apartment building that embodies the spirit of neighborhood amongst a family. The massing weaves the apartments and their open spaces together in a human modest approach. This building reveals the meaning of family, in terms of its connections, interaction and importance in our society.



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Solomon pools project represents a dialogue between history, nature and context. Dedicated to the persistence of the Palestinians, this project revives responsibly a historic site that goes back to 2000 years, connecting the functional needs with the historic and environmental surroundings to offer the site with a cultural center, a museum and a craft center.

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new 2



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Set in an important location on the pilgrimage map, the project works on the balance of masses, building materials and ideas.



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In the midst of our Aqaba Mountains a group of climbing masses are formed to provide the project with full services for a medical project in a human, un-institutional means. This project ascends a topography we often challenge ourselves to climb upon.



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The first chance to manifest ideas of proposing new contemporary means to a mosque. This project helped to transform the building typology we are used to, and to create following bolder designs.

HKZ (1)Image by Kayané Antreassian


Stone 5+

new 3

Amman’s clustered buildings challenges us when approaching multistory commercial buildings, this building on the other hand celebrates stone rather than reflective sparkling materials , and exposes it as an embracing skin to the structure beneath it.



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This project opens up to new different kinds of urban open spaces and platforms. A contemporary innovative screen in the heart of the city Amman is surrounded with flying platforms that are extend and reflect the urban setting behind it. This project shall provide the city with a vibrant space for events and celebrations.



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A different kind of experience with new requirements and conditions. Still this tower demands for its transparency and raises itself to allow for pedestrian continuity.


Unfinished business

HKZ (22)

One of the un-built works, this project proposes a design for one of Abudhabi’s new bus stations, the building undergoes several transformations to balance the movement of pedestrians and vehicles, of voids and masses. This project is a reminder of case we often face for projects that remain on paper.

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The main hallway takes you to three rooms, detailing the projects and presenting their images and drawings, Room I combines residential, commercial and educational projects. Room II presents a different kind of experience, in cultural, heritage revitalization and religious projects. And finally Room III exhibits the practice of planning, urban design and eco-tourism.


In addition to this gallery located in the premises of Yaghmour Architects, this institution offers its offices to various architectural, educational and cultural events that take place on its magnificent roof overlooking the city of Amman.

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All images courtesy of Yaghmour Architects

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