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is the brainchild of , an urbanist, writer and TEDxer who operates along the messy crossroads of urbanism, architecture, and planning. Sandra founded www.tareeq.me as space for thinking about the city through media and city design. The website focuses on city design and media through performative urbanism. It serves as a mental, physical, social & virtual space for thinking about cities. The factory operates on multiple levels to meet contemporary complex situations that arise in our cities. On one hand, it engages in rigorous research and design of products vital to the daily life of urban dwellers. On the other, it operates as a platform for multidisciplinary exchange informed by urban life. The platform creates space for the sharing of thoughts, projects, experiences, and encounters people face in the creative professions of architecture, urbansim, design, art, music, media, and fashion.

Multi Faith in Multi Space pictorial essay. Right: Kosher Store Near Times Square, Midtown Manhattan. Middle: A Veiled young lady at Buddha Bar, Meatpacking District, Manhattan. Left: Bible Campaigner, 34th Street near Macy’s, Manhattan


The story of Maani, the ex-mayor of Amman, is that of a modernizing city.


The tareeq city design corner features coverage on the three cities; Gaza, New York and . Sandra disrupted the “feel good, feel universal” image of New York City through a pictorial essay called Multi Faith in Multi Space. In Amman, Sandra tracked the story of Omar Maani, ex-mayor of Amman, and the city. She wrote about how Ammanies form new trends and “are quickly forgotten upon consumption.” Jafar Tukan and Hani Imam Hussaini are some the most notable names Sandra interviewed on tareeq.me.

Street Art Montage. Left : Berlin – 3D Traffic Icons. Right: Berlin – Ray Mobile


On the other hand, the media corner features a variety of offerings from photo montages to video, artistic themes come in many cocktails. Pop art trails are grafted in Street Art Montage, a collection of photo montages of striking icons & colors in locales across four cities in the globe.

On the passage of 385 days after tareeq’s launch, they had conducted a round of events in Amman and London


tareeq -in its second year since past January- is working with experts in urbanism, economics, city planning and design. Moreover, tareeq has partnered with print and digital media publishers to further its content to a wide audience. These include 7iber.com, Trendesign and JO Magazine.

Ninety Minutes in Amman


Sandra’s talk at TEDxDeadSea – How to Know a City through a Woman’s Body?


About Sandra Hiari:
Sandra holds a graduate degree in urban design from the City College of New York (CCNY/CUNY) in Manhattan, under the direction of urbanist & visionary Michael Sorkin. She also studied under the geographer David Harvey.

Sandra has been continuously involved in media and community planning projects throughout her career. She is the 2nd prize winner of the Euro-Jordanian Award on Excellence in Writing granted by the European Union Delegation in Jordan. Whether working on publications for well-established entities such as the Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative or for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. She focuses in her work on the dissemination of urban issues to the Jordanian public. Working at Sahel Al Hiyari & Partners and the Center for the Study of the Built Environment () has enabled that. She also has been working closely with City Hall administration through her previous engagement with the Amman Institute for Urban Development. Her latest public talk was delivered at TEDxDeadSea. Sandra has delivered talks at the German Jordanian University (GJU) and the Columbia Middle East Research Center (CUMERC). Sandra writes regularly in JO Magazine on urban, architecture, and art issues.

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