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Tha’er Qub’a was born in 1966 in Amman, Jordan. From 1985-1989, he studied architecture at the University of Jordan. He worked with esteemed architect Jafar Toukan before he co-founded his own architectural firm in 1992 along with Zaher Bushnaq & Ismail Tahhan. He then went on to establish his own practice where he is currently working. Since 2004, he has been an instructor at the University of Jordan. He has also recently become an Industrial professor at the German Jordanian University. “Teaching is what keeps me up-to-date”, Tha’er explains. Each studio is a holistic learning experience that pushes his margins, and an academic reflection on fresh ideas finds its way into his architectural practice.

Picture 02 aBefor and after Ibrahim Abu Shhab villa renovation



Picture 02 dBefor and after Ibrahim Abu Shhab villa renovation


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 Befor and after Ibrahim Abu Shhab villa renovation


Tha’er Qub’a is a firm believer in quality. This idea which might have presented itself as an obstacle at the beginning was only a source of selectiveness and a path where no compromises were made in an aim to maintain design quality. Architecture is a lifestyle, it makes you appreciate beauty in all views and facets, he says. He finds beauty in simplicity and rationality. He still believes in Van der Rohe’s famous adopted phrase; less is more, but with room for evolution, an architectural evolution that capitalizes on humanity in a capitalist world.

When asked about his style, he utters the words modernist, yes a modernist with regional identity, an identity that builds on our contemporary conditions. And to stay loyal to those ideas he remains a part of each step of the design and implementation process. He demonstrates that through a multiple and layered process, architecture can have intent and purpose. Tha’er sees it as an on-going process that goes back and forth in an aim to create places that influence people’s lives rather than spaces were real life forgets to happen.

Picture 03 aATG showroom


Picture 03ATG showroom


Picture 03 eATG showroom


With these quality-led values come limitations that span from visual awareness to building technologies and craftsmanship. Tha’er Qub’a’s unique buildings can be found in many parts of Amman; their subtle aesthetics, minimalist articulation patterns and earth tone vocabulary of form are a serenity to look at.

The Jordanian architect has managed to complete a series of building typologies that are pleasant in their manifestation of form, material and construction. Through his built work he shows us how architecture can be invested with idea and quality.

Picture 04 aRamini centre


Picture 04 bRamini centre




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