foll[i]land by Borgi Bastormagi defeats gravity and challenges equilibrium

Borgi Bastormagi

The collection comprises, the foll[i] which was exhibited at the Beirut Design Week event in 2018, a series of tables, a coat hanger, a divider as well as a bollard lighting device.

foll[i]land is an exploration of behavioral patterns in various scales with works that defeat gravity and challenge equilibrium.

The products feature unique stories, symbols and references to traditional objects, expressed in a minimalistic sense. 

foll[i] offers a moment of one to one relation with nature, a minimal steel structure presents multiple possibilities for a personal garden at home. It is sculpted with basic lines and geometric forms. It comes in different coats and colors. The stone base can be customized to fit the mood of your interior.

About the designer

Nada Borgi and Etienne Bastormagi share a lot of interests and a matching professional track. Trained as architects and urban planners, they both worked in corporate environments, managed against all odds to have their own architecture practices. With that, they both enjoy tutoring and learning from younger architects in the making.

Both living and working in Beirut, Nada and Etienne get their inspirations from their surroundings and daily life. Pairing tradition and modernity, their designs are influenced by everyone’s attempt to find their little moments of balance and harmony amidst the chaos of the city.

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