From Sand to Sandwaves: A Sand Printed Installation

Mamou-Mani & Studio Precht

Sandwaves is the largest sand-printed installation to date and a part of an event called the Diryah Season.

The project is used as urban furniture, benches, but also to form a journey through the beautiful historic site of Al Diryah, a place to relax and contemplate.

Made of 58 3d-printed elements that form a continuous ribbon for people to pass through, calm down or meet up.

The aesthetics are drawn from patterns of the surrounding architecture and plants. Ornaments and palms all have a similar effect.

The modules are perforated to show an honest portrait of their structural capabilities. The perforation and the shape create different shades of transparency along the pavilion.

As visitors pass through, the sculpture builds narrow alleys and wide plazas, surrounding them in an immersive installation.

Using local materials combined with cutting edge technology to create structures that are ecologically friendly and respond to a native culture and building traditions.

“We believe that true innovation builds upon the achievements of the past. Innovation looks at history, learns from it and reinvents it for our future demands.” – Chris Precht

About the Designers Mamou-Mani & Studio Precht:

Mamou-Mani Ltd
Specializes in digitally designed and fabricated architecture. The practice believes in innovation, craft and evolving architecture’s role in society by utilizing new technologies. an award-winning and international RIBA chartered practice based in London, UK with a fabrication facility called FabPub and strong experience in digital technologies.

Studio Precht
a group of creatives led by Fei & Chris located in the mountains of Austria. passionate to create an ecological future and these are the topics of our work, and believe in green architecture, buildings that use natural materials and give space back to plants.

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