Kutleh, A series of prototypes by Rula Yaghmour

Rula Yaghmour

kutleh’ (Arabic: block, mass), is a project that moves the waste away and creates a new medium by assembling a ‘stone block’ from the surplus produced from cladding tiles used in everyday construction projects.

Designer Rula Yaghmour created a monumental chair carved out of stone using a robotic arm, the chair was complimented with a series of lamps that were created by using the same material.

70% of what is quarried from marble and stone goes to waste and kutleh attempts to create a new material out of the discarded and already fabricated part of this material. Ultimately kutleh aspires to create multiple ‘blocks’ of different forms and color variations, and to offer designers from around the world with a new ‘material’ to carve out own designs out of this recycled medium.

series_0 / Chair is inspired by the concrete experiments of Roni Horn’s chair, this hyperbolic prototype is now carved out of the ‘block’ assembled from reclaimed tiles of stone, marble and granite slabs.

series_01 Light Fixtures, investigate the possibilities of this material in different forms that are designed to fit in and hack basic and famous Ikea lighting units.

This project was designed and founded by Rula Yaghmour, an architect in practice interested in the various aspects of design. She has collaborated with A.W Yasin and Sons Co. a family business working in the industry of stone and marble fabrication since the 60s.

It is important for kutleh to reflect the local feel of our region, however, kutleh is a project that extends beyond the boundaries of Jordan. By producing different ‘blocks’ out of the waste produced from all around the world, the designer is producing different forms and colors. Just like the raw material itself, each block is different than the other and that’s where the beauty of it lies.

Kutleh was presented during Amman Design Week 2017 and will be exhibited during Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan.

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