Massar Rose Park

Atelier Loidl
17 ha
[Competition: 1st prize winner]

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Massar was initiated in 2005 by the “Syria Trust Development“ as a national educational and cultural program for children and adolescents. The central project of the program in Damascus is Massar Rose Science Center, which was designed by the Danish architect Henning Larsen and is currently under construction.




The area of the future Massar Rose Park unites on a small space a cross-section of the typical landscape elements of the Damascene oasis: The steep slope that skirts Barada River, the former „Ghuta“ with its orchards and Barada River itself. These strong landscape characteristics were identified and visualized as the determining qualities of the location. Massar Rose Park is designed as a landscape that has a strong appeal not only with visitors but also with the inhabitants of Damascus and especially with Syrian youngsters.In the future there will be a public park that will link the most significant cultural sites of Damascus – the historic district, Massar Rose Center, the university and Al Assad Opera.


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Project data:
Location: Damascus
Client: Syria Trust Development
Year: 2011
Design Team: Atelier Loidl Landscape Architects and Urban Planners
In collaboration with: blob architecture


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