MINJARA: Reviving Tripoli’s Woodcraft Heritage

Al Minjara
Edited by Sulaf Al Halaseh

“Tripoli, the city of 3 fragrant orange orchards earned recognition for many crafts and industries among which woodcraft dating back to 1850’s”

Facing a crumbling industry and a massive drop in furniture manufacturing, Al- Minjara platform was formed.

As part of the work in the timber and furniture industry in Tarabulus, Minjara has become a main landmark for the furniture industry. The platform stands today as a networking and clustering space proposing a 360 degree package of services to support the furniture sector in Tripoli.

Support to the wood and furniture sector in the in the city of Tar Beqaa and Akkar

Al- Minjara has been established as a brand based on a solid foundation that combines the legacy of the “Tarbolese” timber industry with a modern vision. Each edition reveals both heritage value and impressive novelty.

Every piece is unique, telling a story of its own through its creative designs, mixed materials and finishing.  Minjaras furniture collection is a result of an ongoing exciting collaboration between Tripoli’s craftsmen and designers. 

Al Minjara platform, under its brand name, has been prepared to unveil a new range of furniture in Paris. “Nouanha” Minjara is a result of a joint work by ten signatures of edition of Lebanon.
Ten Lebanese signatures developed a first collection for “Minjara Editions”.

It was launched on September the 7th, 2019 in France, under the title of “when design ethos meets Craftsmanship”

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