Modulofts Flexible Living for The Modern Citizen

Fouad Samara Architects


Designed in a response to Beirut’s rapidly changing and evolving requirements and rich urban living, Modulofts creates a new typology aiming to challenge the existing structures in the city.

The 14 story building is made up of 7 duplex lofts that are Inspired by the purity of the traditional Lebanese house –
the ‘beit’, and the poetics and flexibility of urban lofts in London and Manhattan in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

The building rests atop a piloti, on a 206 sm site, just off the eastern end of Charles Malek Avenue in Rmeil on the edge of Ashrafieh, now in the process of gentrification.

Modulofts was set to cater for the market’s need for small to medium sized residential units, so the design team’s aspirations sought to imbue the lofts with a sense of ‘home’, often lacking in developer built apartments.

The lofts provide flexible live work space within the dynamic city of Beirut; and offer order among the chaotic built environment that has plagued Lebanese cities since the 1920’s when the clarity of traditional building archetypes was lost to unenlightened construction.


Located along Nassif El Rayiss Street Modulofts is an expression of modern living within the tightly knit fabric of Rmeil. When one approaches the building, the striking irregular and constantly changing facade stands out amongst the mid twentieth century apartment blocks.

Loft Configurations

The outwardly sliding walls provide 16 different ways to ‘tune’ each loft – varying its spatial configuration, and offering internal flexibility.

This kinetic building feature engages with the street and echoes neighborly interactions between curtain-lined balconies, which was once the norm in Beirut‘s residential areas.


Project info

Location: Nassif Al Rayess St., Rmeil, Beirut, Lebanon
Completion Date: February, 2017
Total Built up area: 1,700 sm
Architects: Fouad Samara Architects

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