MYU Restaurant

Paul Kaloustian
140 sqm

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Located in the iconic night life district of Beirut, the MYU bar/restaurant inhabits an old small liquor factory. The design concept is based on creating 2 separate spaces of bar and restaurant defined by 2 vaults different in scale. These vaults which form a room within a room are made of stretch black fabric that is translucent. The original space is kept as found with graffiti and traces on walls and ceiling. The indirect cold cathodes lighting is dimmable thus allowing the space within the vaults to become darker and more defined once the light is dimmed. The restaurant and the bar communicate by a large “window” allowing people to connect visually.

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Project data:
Location: Gemayze, Beirut, Lebanon
Client: Joe Mourani
Year: 2010
Status: Built
Design Team: Paul Kaloustian
Photography: courtesy of Paul Kaloustian
Source: archdaily

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