New Curved Sanitary Units in Petra Archaeological Park

Bitar Consultants

Bitar Consultants unveiled their new design for the Petra Archaeological Park’s Sanitary Units. 

the studio was commissioned to design toilet units in four locations inside the World Heritage Site of Petra; with a total built up area of 50 m2 each. 

Each unit includes WC units for men, women, and one for people with special needs. 

The design followed organic curvy fluid lines resembling water flow through the ravines of Petra and contrasting with the straight lines of archaeological artifacts.

It used wood to the exterior finishing contrasting also with the texture and look of stone carved monuments of Petra. This made the design’s authenticity as a modern construction un-missed when viewed within that heavily loaded historical context.

As the units are supposed to be off the grid, natural lighting tubes were fixed in the ceilings to eliminate the space. The design also concealed the water tanks within the background scenes and water efficient faucets were used.

The building is sensitive to the context in terms of visual impact, environmental impact, reversibility, authenticity and sustainability for use and maintenance. 

The structures were designed to be consistent with the architectural, cultural and archaeological characteristics of Petra and keeping with the climate and environmental sensitivity of the site. 

About the Designers: Bitar Consultants

Bitar Consultants’ is a leading architectural and engineering consultancy practice based in Jordan. The company was established in Amman in 1951. Since its establishment, BC designed multiple projects of all types in Jordan and the region. Operating mainly in Jordan and the Arab World with almost 100 architects and engineers of all disciplines, and working with various clients of local and international origins, governmental and private entities.

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