OCOA, A specialty coffee roaster in Kuwait!

T.Zed Architects
Edited by: Sulaf Al Halaseh

Photo by Simone Bossi

Even though in Kuwait city coffee shops are famous and known for their special environment, as it is considered as the people’s main station for social gatherings and business meetings. However, OCOA has been known for its unique and uncommon coffee environment.

“A different coffee scenario”

Contrary to the spacious environment of spaces that the city of Kuwait has been used to, T.Zed designs offered a coffee place with a 45 sqm space only.

Photo by Simone Bossi

“Maximum interaction”

As the clients vision was to have maximum interaction with minimum interruption.

 “OCOA concept focused on committing to source and sell authentic specialty coffee roasters and brewers.” The space is an exhibition itself for the coffee making process, while bringing the coffee experience into a crafty level. This allows the customers to see their coffee being processed, prepared and served.

Photo by Simone Bossi

“To be exposed and treated it as the key fulcrum… “

Moving from the micro exhibition to the macro one, where the facades of the shop plays an important role in its communication with the surrounding environment, which addresses its bizarre scenario.

Opening one of the facades of the café to the street level, allowing two-sided seating areas. As well as, recessing the glass on the 2nd façade to integrate the design along the street sidewalk.

Photo by Simone Bossi

T.ZED Architects consciously used materials with exaggerated textures to highlight the authentic feel of the space along extremely detailed architectural elements.”

In their choice of materials, T.Zed architects used marble for the walls, tint-mint stone and asphalt for the floors to reflect and develop the experience and to create a strong visual connection. 

Project Info

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Status: Completed

Sector: Retail

Architecture, Interior Design: T.Zed architects

Area: 45 sqm

About the Architect:

The firm was founded in 2015 by Tarik Al Zaharna, a graduate of The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UCL), who has a wide range of international work experience including working with Urban A&O in New York and Bolles+Wilson in Germany. For T.Zed, architecture is a craft that responds to program and context. With this philosophy, attention to detail has been consistent throughout all the projects executed. We have a passion for developing an architectural and design language in the Middle East, nurturing the humble beginnings of what could become a new and dynamic architectural movement. 

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