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Your Guide for Dubai Design Week 2017 Events

Dubai, UAE

Text by herskhazeen Photos © Dubai Design Week 2017 DXBDE’s programme will run from 13 to 18 November and in partnership with Dubai Design District (d3). It is staged in several locations around the city and the event is set to boast a varied and comprehensive programme of contemporary design, aims to attract more than 50,000 Read More

Your Guide for Amman Design Week 2017

Amman, Jordan

Text by Mohammad Aljabi for Herkhazeen If you’re planning to visit Amman Design Week 2017 (if you haven’t already), this article will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the event and what to visit. Amman Desing week is running until October 14th. An overview of the event’s venues © Mohammad Aljabi This year’s theme, Read More

Interview// Abeer Seikaly & Rana Beiruti – Directors of Amman Design Week

Amman, Jordan

Interview by Heba Najada We got to speak with Abeer Seikaly and Rana Beiruti, directors of the first Amman Design Week. For the inaugural year, the design event is curated for the ambitious dreamers, avid learners, and proactive makers in Jordan. Held with the dedicated support of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. Amman Design Read More

UAE Pavilion// Milan EXPO 2015

Milan, Italy

Foster + Partners 2015 © Nigel Young The United Arab Emirates pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo is open to the public. Bringing the planning principles of the traditional desert city to Milan, the pavilion’s interior of self-shaded streets evokes the experience of the UAE’s ancient communities, while demonstrating the natural energy efficiency of their Read More

The Museum of Civilization

Beirut, Lebanon

GM Architects 2014 A view of the museum from the monolith. Image © GM Architects The Museum of Civilization will be sited in Martyr’s square, Beirut, and take the form of an excavation in the earth. Visitors will enter the excavation on a scaffolding system that is 20 meters by 60 meters in area, with Read More