Paradigm DH office

Amman, Jordan
Paradigm DH
Area: 125sqm

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Paradigm Design House is designed by a team of passionate architects to be their office and work space, reflecting a genuine understanding of their shared vision and approach.

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With a firm belief in “sweet simplicity”, the duo ensured that their design studio would radiate with artistic spatial qualities designed ultimately for comfort. Being a very personal space, the team was part of the construction process. In terms of its intangible qualities, the simple space is reflective of the team spirit that is at the core of Paradigm Design House.

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The open space exhibits a careful selection of visual separators, forming spatial enclosures between the reception area, meeting room and workstations. Within the multi-functional space, these partitions could be stacked in a way to visually create one spatial entity when needed. The neutral earth tones and unique textures exhibited are by-products of the recycled materials used, adding an entirely new dimension to the beauty of the space. Minimal, modern and environmentally friendly, the office adopts a casual ambiance that departs from the traditional corporate look. The winning outcome is a result of the recycled materials employed, stemming from an old obsession to discover new materials and their potential. The use of the paper roll tubes as spatial dividers projects the use of those materials with different applications, ultimately resulting in a space tailored for the individual comfort of each user.

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