PERSONA Bar and Holder set by Elie Riachi

Designer Elie Riachi unveiled his recent collection, titled PERSONA. The collection includes two playful pieces, one is a small bar and the second is a holder.

PERSONA are statement pieces made from colored steel and solid walnut wood, where the steel wraps around to create an exoskeleton to hold the wooden component at the top. The user is able to show his personality through an array of different colors and finishes for the steel, wood and marble combinations available.

The PERSONA Bar is a permeable piece that is intended to show and celebrate its content. Elie stated that the piece projects the true identity of the user through revealing their personality.

The piece main component is a crate with a rattan facade that functions as a space to store glasses. The crate is held with a trapezoidal steel frame that wraps around it.

The Persona Holder is complementing piece for the bar and is optimized to hold different drinks and appetizers. The holder is comprised of a solid wood top that enveloped with a steel piece.

About the designer

ELIE RIACHI is a Lebanese furniture and product design brand created by Architect/ Designer Elie Nabih Riachi.

The identity of the brand ELIE RIACHI portrays the vision of the designer in the world of design through timeless yet contemporary representations of classical elements of Lebanese furniture and products.

The ELIE RIACHI designs are perceived as haute furniture items, with elements designed not only for practicality but most importantly as pieces of art.

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