PROTO-PIECES, a student exhibition of furniture work designed and fabricated in AUS

Sharja, UAE

Proto-pieces is an exhibition of furniture work designed and fabricated in CAAD (Collage of Architecture, Art and Design) and by students with Assistant Professor and Designer Ammar Kalo in his IDE 335 Furniture Design Basics Class, Fall of 2017, at American University of Sharjah.

Each of the 12 students worked very closely with the instructor to develop unique pieces of furniture that explore a specific type of joint or detail which they’re interested in.

Over the course of several months students carried their designs through various stages of conceptualization, prototyping, and ultimately fabrication. The exhibition will also showcase a number of sketches, prototypes, and scale models developed during the design process.


Assistant Professor Ammar Kalo, Bishoy Abd El Nour, Randa Abdelkarim, Shahd Abdul-Ghani, Tasnim Al Tinawi, Dalia Aldubaisy, Omer Alraee, Nariman Elnaggar, Nermin Hegazy, Sara Halawi, Hussein Hijazi, Jana Nassreddine and Samar Sharif

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