Roar applies “Evidence Based Design” process for Edelman’s Office

Entrance to Edelman aims to resemble a boutique hotel

Roar has recently completed a 1,000 square-meter Edelman’s Offices in Dubai, UAE.

Arches and Domes give subtle nod to Islamic design

“They loved the ‘Cultural Villages’ concept,,” says Pallavi Dean, founder and creative director of Roar, “The idea of creating separate cities-within-a-city – adding layers of color, texture and furniture to give each village more personality,”

Amphitheater style seating is ideal for show and tell space and ‘town hall’ meetings

The ‘Civic Square’ – the main reception zone – has a rich hospitality look and feel. “We wanted people to feel like they were walking not into an office, but a boutique hotel,” says Marcela Munoz, associate with Roar and one of the lead designers on the project. 

The ‘Urban Park’ or the main work zone is more playful, rich with a vibrant ombre color scheme. This public spacehas its own amphitheater and cafe-style seating – perfect for lunch breaks, informal meetings and monthly company meetings. Capping off the space is what we call the ‘City Lofts’. This is the most mature, sophisticated space in what is otherwise a quite playful project. It’s a flexible hybrid of a meeting room, co-working space and a private office. 

Gradient effect ceiling fixtures that create colorful movement throughout the office
Desks joinery and glass partitions match the department colours

Evidence Based Design process was “the most in-depth we have conducted. “ says the designers. It’s a combination of UXD (User Experience Design) process, which based its findings on focus groups, interviews, questionnaires and observation then refines them into a one-page list of priorities. 

Pallavi Dean Interiors utilised research from staff needs and Herman Millers psychology of Living Offices to create the overall space
Informal collaboration spaces can be found throughout the space

In addition to the workplace psychology of using the “Living Office” process. The result was a deep understanding of the needs of senior and junior staff, and a thorough, research-based set of 

Artwork ‘Urban Phantasmagoria’ by Emirati designer Zeinab Al Hashemi based on satelite images of Dubai
Edelmans varied workstations also feature phone booth rooms for private conversations
Skyscraper skylines peek through floor to ceiling windows

Project Details:

Project Name: Edelman Dubai
Release Date: August 2018
Address: DMCC ONE JLT, Dubai UAE
Area: 1,000 sqm
Client: Edelman
Designer: Roar
Project Manager: CBRE
Contractor: Al Tayer Stocks
Photographer: Pankaj Anand

Floor Plan

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