Concrete at Alserkal Avenue

Dubai, UAE

Herskhazeen has recently visited the newly inaugurated Concrete building at Alserkal Avenue in Al qouz industrial district in Dubai, UAE. Photos by Dubai based architect and designer Murad El Zagal OMA 2017 Text by: Mohammad Aljabi © Murad El Zagal © Murad El Zagal Pritzker Award-winner Rem Koolhaas recently opened OMA’s first project in Dubai after Read More

Mahmoud Darwish Memorial Museum

Ramallah, Palestine

“we will tell our story in our own words, we will transcribe our historical plot and relationship with the place, we shall inscribe the memory of place, and the place of memory” Mahmoud Darwish Shadi Abdulsalam © Paying homage to one of the most significant figures of contemporary humanitarian culture, national and international icon, late Read More

Toulkarem Courthouse

Toulkarem, Palestine

AAU ANASTAS 2015 Mikaela Burstow © From the designers: Thinking of a project as a process is the only common thread running through our work. Beginning the thinking of a project at the opposite end of the planning spectrum, from the bottom up, helps us merge into the deep understanding of local know-hows, and capacities Read More

Wadi Rum Excavated Sanctuaries

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Architect: Rasem Kamal Location: Wadi Rum, Jordan Area: 180,000 sq.m Year: 2015 Thesis Project, THE RICE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE Thesis director: Carlos Jiménez Sunset View for The Excavated Courtyards © Rasem Kamal This project represents the architectural product of a thesis that focuses on subtraction not addition, subtracting voids and spatial volumes according to users’ Read More

1000 Residential Units

Ramtha, Jordan

Seyam Architects Master plan 2014 65,000 m2 A preliminary study for a low income residential project consists of 20 residential apartment buildings, each one of 5 floors with 10 apartments in each floor, in addition to public buildings such as, a mosque, market, medical center, police station and a primary school. The design approach aims Read More