The 14 Installations Showcased at Desert X Alula

Alula, KSA

Desert X Alula is the First Site-responsive Exhibition of Its Kind in Saudi Arabia. An Exploration of Desert Culture, the Exhibition is a Cross-cultural Dialogue Between Artists From Saudi Arabia and Its Surrounding Region and Artists From Previous Iterations of Desert X in California, Taking Its Cues From the Extraordinary Landscape and Historical Significance of Read More

Discover Contemporary Moroccan Architecture in Villa Z

Casablanca, Morroco

Mohamed Amine Siana2015 “Villa Z is a product of very strict city regulations, if not dealt with correctly can ultimately confine the building into a tight square” The principal intention was to go out of the perception of a cube to answer the client’s program and routine. While also finding the best way to preserve Read More

YLAB Creates a High-End Workplace Environment in Edge Innovation Center

Cairo, Egypt

YLAB Arquitectos2019 Edge provides a flexible, modern, and premium work space to entrepreneurs, individuals, start-ups, fast-growing businesses, large companies, and agencies. The project consists of the interior design of the Edge Innovation Center, a new aspirational and status business destination in Egypt. The project is located in Giza’s Galleria40, a brand new retail and business Read More

House of Many Vaults by L.E.FT Architects

Niha, Lebanon

2019L.E.FT Achitects Edited by: Sulaf Al Halaseh Great Landscapes Influence great architecture. The house of vaults, a 30* 30 m residence that is located along the edge of Shouf Mountains with an overlooking view of the Mediterranean Sea. While the residence sits below the shrine of the prophet Job, in the village of Niha, one Read More

PEARLING SITE: a Forest of Columns Guiding You to the Pearling Path

Muharraq, Bahrain

VALERIO OLGIATI2019 The entire building functions as the entrance to the cultural heritage and the foyer for the Medina. The site contains ruins that form part of the UNESCO Pearling Path. It is an urban room for the people of Muharraq with the scale of apublic park. Concrete elements are placed along the property boundary Read More