Azaz Architects Create a Coffee Temple for a Spiritual Drinking Experience

Riyadh, KSA

Azaz Architects2019 Famous Saudi coffee roasters Elixir Bunn opened their new location in Riyadh, designed by Azaz Architects. After building a strong reputation for their coffee, it was time to build an atmosphere to complement their famous drinks.  Coffee in Saudi Arabia is well-rooted into the local culture and could be traced back to times Read More

Curves, Arches, Terrazzo and Many More at GIA Restaurant

Kuwait City, Kuwait

GRID2019 GIA’s been popping up in the city, and their new branch in AlHamra Mall has a new look to unveil. A casual go-to eatery, but now with a drinks bar to also satisfy the on-the-goers who sneak out for a quick caffeine or juice boost. To enhance the elements and spaces, GRID played around with Read More

Prayer Halls born out of Rock Formations in “Al Musallah”

Abu Dhabi, UAE

CEBRA architecture2019 The mosque In the center of the modern metropolis Abu Dhabi lies the city’s oldest and most important building, the Qasr Al Hosn Fort. The Musallah stands in water to create a subtle privacy barrier without using walls, which provides calm and secluded spaces for prayer without visual disturbances.  At the same time, Read More

Sa’af by Azaz Architects

Dubai, UAE

Edited By Sarah Hejazin As part of Dubai Design Week’s fifth edition, designers were challenged to recreate the local classrooms of their cultures through one common theme: “ways of learning”. Supported by Ithra, Shahad Alazaz, founder of Azaz Architects presents this year’s Saudi Arabia Pavilion ‘Sa’af’. In collaboration with local craftspeople, ‘Sa’af’ is a research-led Read More

Interview // Noura Al Sayeh-Holtrop on Amman Design Week 2019

Amman, Jordan

Interview by Sarah Hejazin HKZ had the opportunity to interview the curator of The Hangar Exhibition, Noura Al Sayeh-Holtrop, to talk more about the third edition of Amman Design Week. Over fifty designers from the Middle East and North Africa are presenting work in response to the theme of “possibilities” this October from the 4th Read More