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Maroun Lahoud designs a minimal Maronite church in Lebanon

Brih, Lebanon

With white stone cladding and a striking contrast to the area’s abundant greenery., St. Elie’s provide a modern take on the traditional Maronite churches found throughout Lebanon.   Minimal cruciform windows carved directly into the church’s stone fills the spaces with natural light. The sun also filters in through the simplistic lined windows located above the Read More

The Office of the Future, the first 3-D printed building in the world

Dubai, UAE

By Tasnim Tinawi Killa Design The Office of the Future is the first 3-D printed building in the world under the Dubai Future Foundation and the Dubai 3-D Printing Strategy Initiative which ultimately encourages the Emirates to use 3-D printing construction in 25% of its buildings by 2030. The 3-D printed office, designed by Killa Read More


Marrakech, Morocco

Studio KO 2017 In Morocco, I realised that the range of colours I use was that of the zelliges, zouacs, djellabas and caftans. The boldness seen since then in my work, I owe to this country, to its forceful harmonies, to its audacious combinations, to the fervour of its creativity. This culture became mine, but Read More

Beirut Terraces

Beirut, Lebanon

Herzog & de Meuron 2016 Text by Herzog & de Meuron and images by Iwan Baan © Iwan Baan Site The city of Beirut lies in the heart of the developing Middle East. Having always been a cosmopolitan city, it is a focal point of the region as a cultural and geographical link between Europe and Read More



Marrakesh, Morocco

Oualalou+Choi November 2016 93,000 m² All photos by Luc Boegly© The Restaurant TEMPORARY URBANISM Every year for the past twenty years, thousands of delegates from 195 countries have met for the United Nations conference on climate change in order to address questions concerning the future of the planet. This year, the office OUALALOU+CHOI was chosen to design Read More