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Wifaq Club and the Rich Agricultural Heritage of Rabat

Rabat, Morocco

Groupe3Architectes2015 Located in the heart of the Souissi district in Rabat, the Wifaq club benefits from a rich landscape heritage. Upon entering, the visitor finds himself in a particular site, open and wooded, that offers depths of field that provide a sense of well-being, favorable for the practice of outdoor sports. Surrounded by dense and Read More

Saleh Barakat Gallery, An Adaptive Reuse of A Historic Theatre

Beirut, Lebanon

Located mostly underground, L.E.FT Architects attempted to create a smooth transition from the ground level to the lower gallery level, from the sidewalk to the catwalk, while bringing natural light to the buried space. The design for the new art gallery, one of the largest and most prominent in Beirut, is an adaptive reuse of Read More

Housing Project in Pink Hues References Amman Old Buildings

Amman, Jordan

Greenwood Barton Architects 2018 Greenwood Barton Architects have recently finished a housing project in Hweteh that references Ammani buildings from the 80’s. The Ola Apartments are located in Hweteh, South of Amman, just off the main road on the way to the airport. Hweteh joins several other newly formed neighborhoods which have emerged to serve Amman’s Read More

Snøhetta Completes the Muttrah Fish Market

Muttrah, Oman

Snøhetta 2018 Edited By : Dana Al Qottob    West of Muscat, on the coast of Gulf of Oman, a new fish market has taken the stand as a new landmark on the waterfront along the lively corniche in Muttrah. The Snøhetta-designed Muttrah Fish Market is created to serve as a focal point for the Read More

Soriano House by Beyt Architects

Valencia, Spain

2018 Beyt Architects in collaboration with Bac Estudio de Arquitectura Edited by : Dana Al Qottob    This residential project has two main design driving ideas: Firstly, a clean and efficient layout due to its long and narrow plot size; and secondly the use of patios and louvers to create an interplay of light and Read More