ABWAB: A Permeable Pavilion Assembled from Discarded Bedsprings

Dubai, UAE

Architect Fahed Al Majeed and curator Rawan Kashkoush in collaboration with Bee’ah, the Middle East’s fastest-growing environmental management company, created a permeable temporary pavilion for ABWAB exhibition during Dubai Design Week 2017. ABWAB pavilion was constructed from 1100 coil springs collected from discarded bed mattresses found at Bee’ah’s facilities to host the 42 exhibited designs Read More

Amman Design Week/ The Hangar Exhibition Highlights

Amman, Jordan

Text by herskhazeen Amman Design Week launched its second edition under the theme of “Design Moves Life Moves Design”. The program is running in the middle of Amman in Ras Al Ain area from the 6th until the 14th of October 2017 in addition to several independent programs across the city. © Herskhazeen ADW is Read More

Stonematters, A Prototype of a Massive Stone Vault

Jericho, Palestine

AAU Anastas Jericho, Palestine 2017 AAU Anastas, and in collaboration with GSA Lab of ENSA Paris-Malaquais,  recently opened Stonematters, examining the use of three-dimensional free-form stone vaults in Palestine. The results of the research will be used for the construction of the el-Atlal residency in Jericho. © Mikaela Burstow Stone matters is built on an innovative construction principle Read More

Interview// Abeer Seikaly & Rana Beiruti – Directors of Amman Design Week

Amman, Jordan

Interview by Heba Najada We got to speak with Abeer Seikaly and Rana Beiruti, directors of the first Amman Design Week. For the inaugural year, the design event is curated for the ambitious dreamers, avid learners, and proactive makers in Jordan. Held with the dedicated support of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. Amman Design Read More

The Wishing Fountain – مال عام

Beirut, Lebanon

2014 Make a wish and toss a coin into the Wishing Fountain’s lap. This money is public. If you wish to take some, it’s yours. تمنى ما تريد وارم قطع نقدية في حضن النافورة. هذا المال عام, و بإمكانك في أي وقتٍ كان أخذ أي مبلغ شئت. أنه لك. ‘The Wishing Fountain – مال عام’ Read More