Asif Khan Reveals the Entry Portals for Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai, UAE

Asif Khan Studio 2020 Asif Khan has designed the Expo Entry Portals, three spectacular gateways to Expo 2020 Dubai that will grant entry to visitors from 20 October. The structures are the first works to be unveiled from the studio’s design of more than six kilometers of Expo 2020 Public Realm. The portals are a Read More

Old Meets New in Saint-Charbel Church

Zakrit, Lebanon

BLANKPAGE Architects2018 Located in a site steeped in history, the challenge consisted of implementing a new larger church without overshadowing the smaller 18th-century chapel with its limestone vault structure. Recognizing the historical value and prominence of its neighbor, the new church humbly adopts a low profile at the entrance which gradually rises as it reaches Read More

A Horse Stall Inspired Café in Ras Al Khaimah

Ras al Khaimah, UAE

BONE Studio2019 Hoof Cafe: A reinterpreted coffee shop inspired by countryside equine architecture. where the physical discrepancies between noble, interior, and exterior materials, as well as utilitarian and natural finishes, play an integral role in defining a sensorial architecture. The clients, three friends who share a devotion to horses and showjumping and ultimately an admiration Read More

Design is an attitude: Minjara Editions

Tripoli, Lebanon

2019Al Minjara Edited by Sulaf Al Halaseh Minjara: Reviving Tripoli’s Woodcraft Heritage through the inventiveness of some local designers and design studios minjara creates, through its trusted craftsmen, a line of limited hand-selected pieces that inspires beauty and originality. Ten Lebanese signatures developed a first collection for “Minjara Editions”. Hand in hand with Tripolitan carpenters, Read More

Sakeb: Reintroducing Terrazzo in Everyday Objects

Ramallah, Palestine

Raghad Saqfalhait Mariam Dahabreh2019 Sakeb by Raghad Saqfalhait and Mariam Dahabreh aims to reintroduce terrazzo in new and unexpected forms by creating everyday objects as a way of questioning the relation between material, form and function. Terrazzo is a composite material that was widely produced and used in Palestine. However, its use has declined after Read More