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Interview with Antonia Carver on Hayy: Creative Hub and Art Jameel vision for Jeddah

Jeddah, KSA

Art Jameel announced in 2018 that construction has begun on a new development, set to open in Saudi Arabia in the winter of 2019-2020. This development is named Hayy: Creative Hub – derived from the Arabic word for neighborhood – referring to the community-oriented nature of the complex, and the ways in which the partner organizations are Read More

Geometric Facades for the Desert Climate at the Texas A&M Engineering College

Doha, Qatar

LEGORRETA Located within Doha‘s education city, the Texas A&M Engineering College by LEGORRETA combines two main buildings, the academic quadrangle and the research octagon, with a variety of public spaces such as bridges, arcades, courtyards, fountains and vegetation, that create welcoming, informal places for faculty and students. Two buildings, connected by an atrium, are designed Read More

Roar applies “Evidence Based Design” process for Edelman’s Office

Dubai, UAE

Roar has recently completed a 1,000 square-meter Edelman’s Offices in Dubai, UAE. “They loved the ‘Cultural Villages’ concept,,” says Pallavi Dean, founder and creative director of Roar, “The idea of creating separate cities-within-a-city – adding layers of color, texture and furniture to give each village more personality,” The ‘Civic Square’ – the main reception zone Read More

ABWAB: Narratives of the Middle Eastern Communities

Dubai, UAE

Dubai Design Week presented ABWAB for the forth-consecutive year, the annual remodeled exhibition and architectural installation is dedicated to creating a platform for design from the region. The exhibition this year took the form of a large- scale temporal structure, made up of five individual pavilions composed of natural materials including fallen twigs and timber Read More

Interview with Christopher Lee on The Jameel Arts Centre by Serie-Architects

Dubai, UAE

The Jameel Arts Centre by Serie-Architects is set to open in next month in Dubai, UAE. The 10,000 square meter complex is a multidisciplinary space dedicated to the display, promotion and creation of art from across the Middle East and beyond, featuring curated exhibitions that draw on the Jameel Art Collection, as well as regional and Read More