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House of Many Vaults by L.E.FT Architects

Niha, Lebanon

2019L.E.FT Achitects Edited by: Sulaf Al Halaseh Great Landscapes Influence great architecture. The house of vaults, a 30* 30 m residence that is located along the edge of Shouf Mountains with an overlooking view of the Mediterranean Sea. While the residence sits below the shrine of the prophet Job, in the village of Niha, one Read More

Al Faya Lodge, A destination of relief.

Sharjah, UAE

2019Anarchitects Edited by: Sulaf Al Halaseh Away from the city clamor to a venue of true calmness. Al Faya Lodge offers a destination of relief and alleviation from the intensity of the city. Due to its location at Mount Alvaah into the UAE ’s prehistoric landscape, Al Faya Lodge allows the soul and the body Read More

The Mirrored Concert Hall in the Saudi Desert – Maraya

Al Ula, KSA

Giò Forma Studio Associate 2019 The “maraya” is an architectural work of Land Art, a vision created by the extraordinary natural and social history around it. Mada’in Salih, not far from al-Ula , was known as al-Hijr, or Hegra, by the Nabataean people who carved its magnificent tombs into the golden Quweira sandstone outcrops. UNESCO Read More

Wifaq Club and the Rich Agricultural Heritage of Rabat

Rabat, Morocco

Groupe3Architectes2015 Located in the heart of the Souissi district in Rabat, the Wifaq club benefits from a rich landscape heritage. Upon entering, the visitor finds himself in a particular site, open and wooded, that offers depths of field that provide a sense of well-being, favorable for the practice of outdoor sports. Surrounded by dense and Read More

Elias & Yousef Anasatas debates forms and spatial configurations in Jerusalem through “Analogy”

Jerusalem, Palestine

In an effort to discuss the fundamental elements of the architecture of Jerusalem, Elias and Yousef Anastas presented Analogy: a project about the reoccurrence of forms and spatial configurations in Jerusalem through time. The installation debut during The Jerusalem Show IX in 2018 , which was curated by Jack Persekian & Kirsten Scheid. In their latest installment for “Stone Read More