The Burrow

Sabhan, Kuwait

lab/100 Design Studio Rashed Alfoudari – Dawood Albader 1000 sqm 2015 Photography: Nelson Garrido Lab/100 Design Studio completed yet again a brilliant interior for a recreational facility in Kuwait. The studio is known for creating holistic experiences with bold designs using rough natural elements such as stone and steel and complimented with concrete in different treatments Read More

HKZ2013 Highlights: Galleries and Installations

Various, Various

In the past 5 years, the Arab region has experienced a lot of changes and turbulences in both social and political scenes. People became more expressive and art is less censored and monitored. We witnessed a new wave of galleries and art spaces that support the local artists, take part in documenting  the Arab scene Read More

Patchi Store

Dubai, UAE

lautrefabrique 2010 [Built] 380 sqm Located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping centres on the planet -54 million visitors in 2012 – the Patchi store, designed in 2008 by lautrefabrique has been given a complete make-over to fit the image of it’s new brand identity, that of a Read More

Green wall of the Sultan Ibrahim Rest.

Maameltein, Lebanon

Green Studios in collaboration with Gatserelia design Maameltein, Lebanon The green wall of Sultan Ibrahim Restaurant Area: 100 sqm 2012 Green Studios (Beirut) , in collaboration with Gatserelia design were assigned to design and execute a 100 sqm green ‘skin’ of the new Sultan Ibrahim restaurant in Maameltein, Lebanon. The green skin consists of rectangular Read More