Villa C by Yachar Bouhaya Architecte

Casablanca, Morocco

Yachar Bouhaya Architecte2020 The House is located in a quiet street in the Oasis neighborhood of Casablanca. Like the city, the Studio wanted a simple white house, that combines both modernism and functionalism. The clients were involved in the making process of the house, which made designing and building the project more interesting and challenging. Read More

“Arslanian” Green Roof Kindergarten

Beirut, Lebanon

Studio Etienne Bas + Meg Architects2019 The campus presents a rare green lung in a residential development that has developed in the area. The Kindergarten is located as part of a local Armenian community’s school campus in the Northern suburbs of Beirut. In a city with little green space, the single-floor layout of the design Read More

Discover Contemporary Moroccan Architecture in Villa Z

Casablanca, Morroco

Mohamed Amine Siana2015 “Villa Z is a product of very strict city regulations, if not dealt with correctly can ultimately confine the building into a tight square” The principal intention was to go out of the perception of a cube to answer the client’s program and routine. While also finding the best way to preserve Read More

OCOA, A specialty coffee roaster in Kuwait!

Kuwait City, Kuwait

2019T.Zed ArchitectsEdited by: Sulaf Al Halaseh Even though in Kuwait city coffee shops are famous and known for their special environment, as it is considered as the people’s main station for social gatherings and business meetings. However, OCOA has been known for its unique and uncommon coffee environment. “A different coffee scenario” Contrary to the Read More

The Coffee Lab by Amani Tabaza

Amman, Jordan

Amman Design Week launched an award for the Best Restaurant/Cafe Design in Jordan, which was sponsored by Maison & Objet during 2018. The first place winner was a café designed by Amani Tabaza called: The Coffee Lab. The designer described the project as a concrete envelope that wraps the shiny elements inside in order to attract the Read More