Interview// Sahar Madanat on the One-Handed Tableware Set

Amman, Jordan

Sahar Madanat Design Studio Amman, Jordan Sahar Madanat Design Studio won the first Audi Innovation Award in 2017 for their One-Handed Tableware Set. HKZ met with Sahar Madanat, the founder of the Jordan-based design studio and consultancy to learn more about this innovative design.   “We noticed that many refused to use ‘assistive’ devices as Read More

Naked: beyond the social mask

Beirut, Lebanon

Exhibition by: House of Today Beirut, Lebanon 2014 “Nowhere on earth has anyone seen A country so small, a destiny so vast.” Charles Corm, La Montagne Inspirée, 1934 House of Today is dedicated to the enrichment of Lebanon’s design culture. Founded in 2012 and based in Beirut, House of Today is a non-profit organization that Read More



Dubai, UAE

LOCI architecture + design Winner of the Judge’s Choice Award in 5th INDEX Contemporary Majlis Design Competition 2013. 2013 Throughout modern history, the desert has always been a source of inspiration to writers, artists and designers alike. What it lacks in life, it compensates with its majesty and magnificence. This project aims at capturing its Read More

Hangit – Up cycled wire hangers

Amman, Jordan

Onur Lambaz Product design 2013 Hang it – a design initiative by Onur Lambaz –started by mere coincidence when a neatly stacked pile of wire hangers were waiting to be returned to the drycleaner’s as usual struck the designer as beautiful blue abstract shapes that opened a world of endless possibilities. By the designer: That Read More

Reflective Flow

Doha, Qatar

2012 Built 38.5 m Designed for the Al Hitmi office development in Doha, , Reflective Flow is a unique sculpture by day and an ever-changing chandelier by night. Suspended from a glass atrium between two office complexes, it snakes between the structures. Created from more than 2,300 hand-ground optical crystals and 55,000 LED lights, it Read More