Crossing Boundaries to Make Objects Speak, Hollow Forms by Dima Srouji

Ramallah, Palestine

Dima Srouji Photography by Mothanna Hussein Text by Farah Abdel Jawad Born in Nazareth and raised in both Jerusalem and Doha, designer and architect Dima Srouji started her collection of contemporary expressive glass figures entitled “Hollow Forms”. Dima Srouji earned a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University and a Bachelor of Architecture from Kingston Read More

Osteria Bartolini Restaurant

Bologna, Italy

Lighting Designer: PSLab Design Practice: Andrea Bartolini 2016 © Marco Curatolo Andrea Bartolini, architect and entrepreneur, leading the family business, a group of five restaurants with his parents Anna and Stefano; wanted to create a contemporary casual restaurant based on the concept of the Italian Trattoria inspired by the sea. By considering every single detail, Read More

SPiNO by Suliman Innab

Amman, Jordan

DESIGN STUDIO January 2015 SPiNO Collection was designed by the founder of Morph-X Design Studio- founder . Spino collection was selected for Ventura Lambrate 2015, so if you are in now, do not miss Milan Design Week and the opportunity to explore his unique collection. SPiNO Collection, 2015, prototype | Description: Wood & Metal – Read More

IRIS – a spatial ocean dynamo

Beirut, Lebanon

Concept IRIS is an attempt at resisting the expropriation of ’s open coastline returning the sea back to the fishermen and the local habitants of the Ras Beirut district. Through architecture, it materializes the threshold condition between two very distinct, yet concomitant entities: the dense city and the open sea. Waves transform the kinematic structure Read More

The Stonesourcing space

Bethlehem, Palestine

Yousef ANASTAS – AAU ANASTAS Nativity Square, Bethlehem, Palestine 8 sqm 2013 A Stone Pavillion which adapts traditional techniques to the imperatives of resistance within the framework of the Palestinian public space. HKZ featured The Stonesourcing space earlier as a concept. AAU ANASTAS raised funds to support the realization of the project. On Monday, September Read More