The Public Living Room by rppl initiative

Beirut, Lebanon

Rppl Initiative  2018 Edited by Sundos Abu Reyal   About the initiative, Rppl (Reviving Public Places in Lebanon) is an initiative to promote the use of public spaces by involving young artists and designers in improving and reviving different public spots across Lebanon. The idea is to combine social contribution with educational activities through encouraging Read More

Al Dhakria City Development

Al Dhakria, Qatar

RRC Studio 2014 Aerial view The expansion of Al Dhakira, city built on an inlet of the Persian Gulf, only 60 km away from the capital Doha, is set as the correct mix between the country’s need to grow, driven by the 2022 FIFA World Cup event, and the will to preserve its natural landscape Read More

2013 Aga Khan Award for Architecture Recipients Announced

Geneva, Switzerland

The winners of the the 12th Cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture were announced. This is the twelfth time over 36 years that the they have presented the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. The award cycles have fostered a deeply enriching conversation during this time, one that has involved, altogether over 5000 nominated Read More

Feature // tareeq.me

Amman, Jordan

Tareeq.me homepage   Tareeq.me homepage   is the brainchild of , an urbanist, writer and TEDxer who operates along the messy crossroads of urbanism, architecture, and planning. Sandra founded www.tareeq.me as space for thinking about the city through media and city design. The website focuses on city design and media through performative urbanism. It serves Read More


Massar Rose Park

Damascus, Syria

Atelier Loidl 2011 17 ha [Competition: 1st prize winner] Site plan   Massar was initiated in 2005 by the “Syria Trust Development“ as a national educational and cultural program for children and adolescents. The central project of the program in Damascus is Massar Rose Science Center, which was designed by the Danish architect Henning Larsen Read More