Time is Measured by Distance

Marrakesh, Morocco

Saba Innab 2016 Time is Measured by Distance, is composed of two sculptures made of cement and plaster. The work was built on site at the Badi Palace for Marrakesh Biennial 2016. “The memorials which your own and other nations have once had of the famous actions of mankind perish in the waters at certain Read More

Bahrain National Pavilion for the Venice Biennale 2014

Venice, Italy

Herskhazeen had the opportunity to visit the Venice Biennale 2014, what stood out the most between all exhibitors was the Bahrain National Pavilion co-curated by Bernard Khoury, the Arab Center for Architecture and Noura al Sayeh. Conceptually; the work is comprehensible through the space design, the props and speakers used inside it. The space itself Read More