Young talent

Archetype, an Ethereal Installation for a Regal Event

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Edoardo Tresoldi 2017 Italian Artist Edoardo Tresoldi created a colossal ghostly monument for an event in Abu Dhabi, where he borrowed different elements from modernist architecture to create a surreal environment completed with suspended doves and cubes. The installation is set to be dismantled after the event and distributed around different venues in the Emirates. Read More

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The BIC Structure

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The BIC Structure is exhibited at the Muziekgebouw until the 24th of August. Using thousands of BIC pens; AAU Anastas and Yann Santerre were able to construct this 24 m2 experimental pavilion exhibited during the 2015 IASS symposium in the Muziekgebouw in . The time of endless growth and unlimited consumption is over. Recycling, reusing, and transforming Read More

1000 Residential Units

Ramtha, Jordan

Seyam Architects Master plan 2014 65,000 m2 A preliminary study for a low income residential project consists of 20 residential apartment buildings, each one of 5 floors with 10 apartments in each floor, in addition to public buildings such as, a mosque, market, medical center, police station and a primary school. The design approach aims Read More

Interview// Raafat Majzoub, The workshop of the mind

Beirut, Lebanon

  “Juvenile tendencies to make things, to elaborate on things, once hidden intentionally – once denominated – artifacts, involuntary surface to the sight of you. “  _Majzoub, Fetish Systems. HKZ recently talked to Raafat Majzoub, founder of the narrative design studio +236m3. In this exclusive interview Raafat explains more about the manifestations of this studio Read More

ARD 277

Amman, Jordan

Dina AlAhmad 2012 Concept 1100 sqm ARD 277 is a three story apartment building located in Badr; one of the areas that are witnessing the extended urban growth of the city Amman. It is celebrated for its hilly nature and vast landscapes covered by old oak trees and Spectacular Mountain views. The prime intention of Read More