Studio Toggle Encloses Chocolate Boutique Within a Cellular Steel Vault

Studio Toggle

Bean to Bar, a chocolate boutique in Kuwait, features a slender, cellular waffle vault along its longitudinal axis that morphs into a secondary enclosure. 

The cellular steel vault transforms the otherwise rectangular space

Studio Toggle maximized efficiency and lightness in the 33m2 space by eliminating the need for a conventional ceiling, opting for the parametrically designed, self-supported steel structure instead. Optimized for digital fabrication as a slot-in waffle system, the vault eased the construction process and cut down material waste.

The dimensions of the cells were calculated based on the modular packaging units used by the chocolatier, leading the studio to reimagine the structure as an analogue screen where cells double as pixels. 

The cells of the enclosure also function as an analogue message-board

Messages or patterns can be displayed on it by using a combination of empty cells or by rearranging packaging of different colors. This opens up possibilities for the store to change its ambience easily and intuitively to suit various occasions. 

An algorithmically generated steel chandelier breaks up the symmetry of the vault while emphasizing it at the same time. Vein-cut silver travertine on the floor and counters adds a warm undertone and balances the overall ambience, resulting in a refined industrial look.

The package module informs the dimensions of the cells and forms the substrate of the message-bord/shelving
A simple plan has the symmetry of the vault bisected by an axial counter
The armature of the chandelier was parametrically generated and optimised for construction
Detailed section showing how the components come together

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