Bisher Tabbaa Completes Renovation for Decoration One Boutique

Bisher Tabbaa Studio

All Images © Bisher Tabbaa

Bisher Tabbaa Studio has recently completed renovating Decoration One interior design store, A boutique for a rising Jordanian brand that aims to fuse modern designs with Islamic motifs.

The recent renovation project brings the interior design store to life by inviting customers to use the space through the addition of a café and a garden that hosts cultural events.

Tabbaa’s aim to reflect the brand’s identity is seen through the choice and the design of elements that make up the spaces. Mashrabiyyahs are created through iconic patterned bricks that are reminiscent of mid-century Ammani architecture. As for the garden, a contemporary wooden bench is designed to create an Amphitheater type space.

In addition, terrazzo tables and bright patterned tiles are also custom designed to reflect the fusion that is at the heart of the brand’s identity.

Central to the renovation project is the creation of flexible and fluid spaces that can change in size and organization in order to accommodate and enhance the display of the different collections of the store.

White curtains and modular table units are utilized to shape the space of the boutique in numerous ways without compromising the original open plan. The curtains break down the space of the boutique into more intimate spaces for each collection, and create a white backdrop that draws focus to the intricate handmade details of items on display.

This approach to create a flexible space allows the different collections to be seen as part to a whole: each collection’s identity is highlighted on its own while still maintaining the continuity and the oneness of the whole boutique.

To view Decoration One’s collection, you can visit their website or follow them on their Facebook and Instagram page.

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