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SPiNO by Suliman Innab

Amman, Jordan

DESIGN STUDIO January 2015 SPiNO Collection was designed by the founder of Morph-X Design Studio- founder . Spino collection was selected for Ventura Lambrate 2015, so if you are in now, do not miss Milan Design Week and the opportunity to explore his unique collection. SPiNO Collection, 2015, prototype | Description: Wood & Metal – Read More

Feature// Seven Stages of the Heart

Dubai, UAE

Bokja <3 Wyssem Nachi In collaboration with designer Wyssem Nochi, Bokja has created an exhibition entitled: The Seven Stages of the Heart. This collection is rooted in sufi teaching and, through the creative application of fabrics to seven of Nochi’s iconic iron chairs, the installation illustrates the journey from the material to the spiritual. This Read More