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Rumi at the Library

Amman, Jordan

Greenwood Barton Architects 2016 The cafe is located within the Abdel Hamid Shoman Library, it is accessed via the reading spaces and bookshelves of the library. Like the original Rumi cafe in Jebal Al Weibdeh, it is a place of creative exchange and community but also provides for those who wish to work, study or Read More

Al Saket Residence

Amman, Jordan

Sahel Al Hiyari 1125m2 2015 Sami Haven © The site is located in the growing suburb of Dabouq to the north of Amman, renowned for its wealth of native oaks. It is a single family house built on a total site area of 1,981sq meters. The project endeavors to create a dialogue between topography and Read More

SPiNO by Suliman Innab

Amman, Jordan

DESIGN STUDIO January 2015 SPiNO Collection was designed by the founder of Morph-X Design Studio- founder . Spino collection was selected for Ventura Lambrate 2015, so if you are in now, do not miss Milan Design Week and the opportunity to explore his unique collection. SPiNO Collection, 2015, prototype | Description: Wood & Metal – Read More

JPjets VIP Terminal

Aqaba, Jordan

JPjets VIP Terminal, King Hussein Airport – Aqaba alnasser + partners Built 2012 The dynamic form responds to the uniqueness of its location in the relatively rural area of northern suburb of Aqaba in Jordan. Through its extensive glazed sections, the reception and lounge area opens out on to the vast mountainous landscape that the Read More

Eco-Tourism and Rangers Academy

Ajloun, Jordan

Ammar Khammash 2011 – 2013 Under construction 3255 sqm The project, which will be the first of its kind in the region, is an international-standard academy for eco-tourism and environmental ranger services in Ajloun. It aims, on one level, to provide national and regional requirements of tourism industry and environmental agencies, and to create, on Read More