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Studio Toggle Encloses Chocolate Boutique Within a Cellular Steel Vault

Kuwait, Kuwait

Studio Toggle2018 Bean to Bar, a chocolate boutique in Kuwait, features a slender, cellular waffle vault along its longitudinal axis that morphs into a secondary enclosure.  Studio Toggle maximized efficiency and lightness in the 33m2 space by eliminating the need for a conventional ceiling, opting for the parametrically designed, self-supported steel structure instead. Optimized for digital fabrication as Read More


Wall House

Khaldiya, Kuwait

AGi architects 2015 Nelson Garrido © As in the famous Lewis Carrol tale, Wall House is not what it seems. Is it a fortress that closes itself to the world? Or is it an isolated place that avoids all communication with the exterior? Not at all! Wall House by AGi architects communicates with its formalized Read More


The Yoga Center

Kuwait City, Kuwait

lab/100 Design Studio Architects : Rashed Alfoudari – Dawood Albader Qibla, Kuwait City 450 sqm 2013 Built Located in Kuwait City’s busiest district ‘Qibla’, The yoga center is an attempt to revitalize the basement floor of Jassim Tower. The location of the project was unorthodox. However it was an attempt to serve women both within Read More


MOP House

Kuwait, Kuwait

AGi Architect 2006-2011 Built 1300 sqm Spanish and Kuwaiti practice AGi architects have completed ‘mop house’, a single family residence in Kuwait. Interlocked volumes form an open air courtyard, creating a clear separation between either half of the house. The private and public entrance leads to the outdoor swimming pool and ground level living space Read More